Rules of Discipline
Every student must obey the following rules of discipline
This is an English Medium School. You are therefore expected to speak English in the school premises, school bus and in the public places. Bring this handbook/calendar to school everyday. Daily lessons, reports and homework should be taken down.
You must wear neat and clean uniform, shoes, socks, sandals, ID cards everyday and maintain good hygiene.
Pupils who absent themselves from the class not on medical grounds for 15 working days consecutively will be removed from the rolls
Defaulters of tuition fees for 30 working days will be removed from the rolls.
All must come to school on time. Late comers will have to get written permission from the Principal
Speak good words, express good thoughts and learn to socialize with all.
No student is excused for Physical Education unless he/she produces a doctor’s Certificate. Maintain your text books and files neatly. Have your books covered with brown paper.
At the warning bell, students should proceed to where it summons them. At the second bell, they should keep silence. Perfect silence and order should be maintained by the pupils at the time playing of meditation music and going out for the assembly and returning to class.
Pupils who absent themselves from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined.
Students must come to school in clean, neat and proper dress
Students of one class room are not permitted to enter other class rooms.
Uniform is compulsory and should be strictly in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the school.
Alteration in stitching uniforms will not be allowed
It is expected that the pupils, will imbibe the message of AMALA PUBLIC SCHOOL and that each child will try his/her best become an exemplary student.
Shirt Buttons should not be kept open and the shirt to be tucked in properly, irrespective of the dress i.e. uniform or color dress.
Designs, lines arts, writings, patching, paintings or pictures on pants or shirts are not allowed.
No low waist pants are permitted in the campus
Personal hygiene to be maintained
Daily bath is compulsory for all students.
Nails to be trimmed weekly, Boys/Girls are not allowed to grow their nails.
20. Monthly haircut has to be done by boys
Hairstyle should be according to the norms of the school.
Dyeing of hair or using hair jell is not permitted
Students shall not bring any eatables other than regular meals
Students are not allowed to wear gold ornaments or any other type in the School
Bringing / using of chewing gums, panparag, alcohol, tobacco item, drugs, soft drinks & eatables etc. to the school and campus is strictly prohibited.
Tattooing is strictly prohibited
No CD, DVD, USB memory, i pod, fancy items and books other than text books and note books should be brought to school.
Students are not allowed to bring/use mobile phone in school or school campus
Students are not permitted to entertain teachers with gifts.
Birthdays are for celebrations, do not bring cakes or other costly sweets to school. Celebrate it differently by doing a good deed, it will spread a lot of happiness around you. On birthdays, students are allowed to wear colour dress.
The classrooms, the school building and premises should be kept clean and tidy. Any damage caused to properties of the school and others will have to be made good. Damage caused even by accident should be reported to the school authorities.
Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any belongings. Ornaments and jewelers of any kind are not allowed in the school. Pupils are advised not to bring big amounts of money to school.
Peer group behavior is looked upon as one of the key issues towards total personality development of the individual. Hence develop healthy friendship and never humiliate any fellow student.
Respect your parents, teachers and elders. Be proud of your parents and school
It is expected that the pupils, will imbibe the message of AMALA PUBLIC SCHOOL and that each child will try his/her best become an exemplary student.
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