The library is named after ONGC Amala Library. ONGC, a public sector company, funded for the renovation of library and the renovated library and the renovated library came to functioning on August 2013.
The schools has a well – stacked library consisting of Books, CDs and Periodicals in all subjects.
All members of the staff and the students of the school are the members of the school library. Every student shall produce his/her school identity card for entering the library.
Personal belongings like books, periodicals, bags, umbrellas etc., should not be taken to the library or reading table. Paper and pen may be taken inside the library for the purpose of taking down notes from the reference books.
Those who fail to abide by the rules will be deprived of the privilege of using the library.
Strict SILENCE should be observed within the library, at the reading table and the premises.
Books are arranged from left to right and from top to bottom, Books, periodicals etc; shall not be misplaced from their position on the shelf or table shall not be removed from the room.
Books, periodicals, manuscripts, maps etc; shall not be spoiled and no marks shall be made upon them. Those involved in such activities will be dealt with seriously.
Books will be issued only to those who produce their Library Membership Cards. The cards will be issued on producing school identity cards and registering their names as members of the library.
The period of loan of books is day. Failing to return a book on or before the due date a student has to pay an overdue charge of Rs. /- (one rupee) per day.
Each student can borrow one book at a time. So long as the membership card remains in the library the student is responsible for the book and when the book is returned the student should get back his/her card.
Books on loan may be called back at any time if any special need arises
Sub lending of books/cards is not allowed.
When a book is issued to a reader he / she must point out to the librarian any defect/ damage noticed concerning the book; otherwise the presumption will be that the book was quite intact when issued.
If a book is damaged or lost by a member he/she will have to replace it or pay the present cost, postage, packing and forwarding charges, fine etc. within the time fixed by the librarian.
The dues of out-of-print books shall be determined by the principal.
Outgoing students should return their membership cards at the end of the academic year.
Members of the staff may keep with them textbooks for the whole academic year and other books for thirty days. They should return all books at the end of the academic year.
Students are expected to spend at least fifteen minutes every day in library/reading room, reading papers/magazines etc.
Home Library
Students are advised to set up their own ‘Home Library’
Newspaper is a parallel textbook for the students in our school
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