Parent - Teacher Association
All parents are the members of the Parent Teacher Association of the school. The annual subscription of Rs. 100/- shall be collected along with the first term fee. The aims and objectives of the association are:
To understand the problems of the pupils, parents and teachers and help them find solutions.
To be in constant touch with the pupil's progress, discipline, health, respect for elders, regularity in doing assignments, etc.
To arrange meetings, seminars and cultural programmes to enrich the relationship among parents, pupils and teachers. The Parent - Teacher Association is expected to meet periodically.
You are requested to co-operate with the Principal and Staff, for the effective functioning of the school and the well being of your child.
Parents are the co-educators of the child, so it is essential for you to mould the character of your ward and instil discipline.
In the child's future interest, it is very essential for him or her to imbibe self discipline. The teacher will take adequate corrective measures to ensure the general discipline. The teachers' efforts will work only with adequate positive support from the parents.
Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. Lunch is to be had in the school itself. 5. The child is not permitted to give 'treats' to other children in the school premises.
You must sign the remarks made by the teacher in this handbook and also the answer papers and guide your child accordingly without undue pressure.
If a student is found to have done damage to the class or school property, the parent or guardian will have to make good the loss.
Refrain from making derogatory remarks or comments about the school or staff in public or in front of your children, because by doing so, the child's attitude towards the school becomes unhealthy.
Do make it a point to attend all school functions and the PTA meetings.
Any private tuition by the teachers of the school can be arranged only through the Principal.
Please let the class teacher know of any congenital disorder or physical or psychological or emotional problem of your ward to enable the authorities to take care during an emergency.
Parents must notify the school in case of change of address or telephone numbers.
Ensure that your ward is regular in his work and studies. 14. Do not give excessive money, expensive stationery, mobile phones etc. to your child.
The child should report to the school at least 10 minutes before the bell.
No vehicle will be allowed to enter the school compound during school hours.
If the child has an injury or accident in school, first aid is given at the school. If it is serious, the parent is informed. In emergency, the child may be immediately hospitalized. However, in the event of any mishap, the school does not take any legal responsibility.
A student file is maintained for each child. This is passed on to the successive teachers as a child progresses to higher grades.
Be a friend, a philosopher and a guide to your child.
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